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Notary service verifies the authentic signing of documents. The law requires that a legal entity witnesses the signing of documents in order to legitimize them, and a notary performs that task. Merced Bail Bonds of Merced, CA offers an affordable notary service. We promise that all of our services are competitively priced and are carried out with the strictest adherence to procedure.

Notary service includes:

● Confirming Identity—The first job of a notary is to identify the parties involved. Common forms of acceptable identification include an official state ID, drivers license, passport and birth certificate. In many cases, multiple forms of identification will be required for cross verification. We will inform you of the correct procedure for your signing.

● Personal Accounting—A notary is also there to ensure that both parties are in a correct state of mind when signing the document. This prevents people who may be under the influence or mentally unfit from agreeing to damaging contracts.

● Recording the Signature—Finally, all parties, including the notary, will sign and verify the contents of the document. We are equipped to review the document with you and explain its ramifications. A stamp is used to seal the deal.

● Register the Signing—All notaries keep a precise record of their dealings. This allows the courts to call upon their services in the event of future disputes. We will keep a copy of the document for our own records.

Our notary service is organized and efficient. Your signing agent will be there to make sure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

Ask our agents any questions that you may have regarding notary service. Contact us now!

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