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Merced Bail Bonds of Merced, CA is here when you need us most! Bail bonds are a respectable part of the judicial system, and they allow defendants to retain their freedom while going through the court proceedings. We make every effort to provide fast and affordable services to our clients and can effectively secure your release in a few hours. It is our duty to inform you of your rights under bail and to ensure that you fulfill your responsibility to the court.

Bail bonds services involve:

● Surety—By putting down a bond for your release, we are assuring the court that you will appear in a timely and responsible manner. In the event that you do not fulfill your commitment, it is within our rights to forcibly return you to the court to face further consequences. Only an accredited bonds service has the financial conditions to provide bonds. Conventional institutions like banks or insurance companies will not take the risk on your behalf.

● Affordability—We understand that you are already in a precarious situation and are possibly facing a potent combination of legal fees and punitive sentences. When you purchase our services, we make every attempt to not pile on the punishment with outrageous or hidden fees. Every state has its own laws and procedures surrounding bonds. We are well acquainted with the courts of Merced, CA and can pass on the information to you.

● Bounty Hunter—If you fail to hold to your end of the deal, we have the authority to hire an independent contractor to return you to court. We hope that this part of our services will not be necessary.

You never think you need bail bonds until you do. If a troubling situation manifests itself, call Merced Bail Bonds!

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